Silk Machine

Silk Machine are a song-writing team and production house based in Bristol with many years of experience in the music industry. They write commercial pop songs with an ear for commercial mass appeal.

Silk Machine comprises, Steve Carnovale, a songwriter who formerly fronted bands who played sold out gigs in Bristol and gained Airplay on Radio 1 and Pete Rowley, a successful music producer for over 30 years, who has worked with the likes of Newton Faulkner, The Mission and Phil Thornalley.( Pixie Lott, Natalie Imbruglia, The Cure).

Steve and Pete had known each other for decades but it wasn’t until they wrote their first songs together in 2015, utilising the best female singers on the local and international circuit that they realised there was an obvious chemistry and magic in their songs. Silk Machine have a contemporary knack for writing songs with killer hooks, melodies with heartfelt lyrics and standout pop tendencies. Every song they write, they try to visualise as a future hit single. We think you will agree!

A link to their website is below:-