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Orly Vardy’s much anticipated third album ‘Our World’ is now available on the following formats.

The album includes both the official radio version and ballad version of her single ‘Our World’, which was written by UK songwriter Paul Hobbs, who is thrilled that Orly included both versions and named the album ‘Our World’.

Orly Vardy, ‘The singer with the gentle voice’ has selected nine beautiful songs by songwriters from the UK, Norway, Nigeria, Israel and Australia.

1. Stop the Rain

(Lyrics and composition by Steve Carnovale, Pete Rowley & Nicole Thomas – Silk Machine;

2. Our World (The Official Radio Version)

(Lyrics and composition by Paul Hobbs)

3. Look at Me

(Lyrics by Lauren Rosenman; Composed by Ofer Hammerman)

4. Make Me Feel Right

(Lyrics by Hamed Molik; Composed by Ofer Hammerman)

5. I Turn to You

(Lyrics and composition by Tim Jones)

6. This is Our Love Song

(Lyrics by Gjertrud R. Waldron; Composed by Kim Soppeland, with recording assistance by Philip Hans)

7. The Light in My Song

(Lyrics by Aviva Golan, translated by Lauren Rosenman; Composed by Orly Vardy)

8. Our World (Ballad Version)

(Lyrics and composition by Paul Hobbs)

9. A Christmas Wish

(Lyrics and composition by Steve Haywood & John Britland)

Arrangements & Music Production by Ofer Hammerman

Recorded at SPS Sound Productions Studio

‘Look at Me’ (track 3) was recorded at INES Studios in Romania


Published by Leopard Music Limited


The album is available to purchase on the following formats:

CDBaby, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal

Silk Machine who wrote ‘Stop the Rain’; which is Orly’s recent release, are thrilled to be part of her third album, along with songwriters Tim Jones (‘I Turn to You’), Gjertrud Waldon (‘This is our Love Song’), Hamed Molik (‘Make Me Feel Right’) and Paul Hobbs (‘Our World’). The song ‘Look at Me’ was written by Lauren Rosenman and composed by her husband and producer, Ofer Hammerman, and recorded in Romania, especially for the album’s release, as a dedication of their love for each other. (‘The Light in My Song’) was written by the Hebrew lyricist Aviva Golan and translated into English by Lauren Rosenman and composed by Orly Vardy as a dedication for her parents Golden Anniversary and their very special love they are sharing; The album’s last song is‘A Christmas Wish’ by songwriters Steve Haywood and John Britland.

‘Our World’ demonstrates Orly’s versatility as an artist and she is now planning on bringing these songs to the live stage in the UK during 2020. Details of her tour will be announced at a later date.

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