Jeremy Hollingsworth

By Mark

Jeremy Hollingsworth is a songwriter based near London, Hertfordshire, UK. He creates songs in a number of genres including Pop, …

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Dan Hunt

By Mark

Dan Hunt is a UK based songwriter who has been writing songs since he was 13. When he left school …

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John A Rushton

By Mark

J. Rushton, of Karizma Muzik, is a UK based songwriter/producer. His genres are  commercial Pop, Pop-Dance and Pop/R&B. He has …

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Donna Maria Bottomley

By Mark

Donna studied singing and songwriting at Leeds College of Music, and regularly attends songwriting retreats to collaborate with other artists …

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Paul Harper

By Mark

I am a lyricist who writes in various music genres. I love writing to music, as strong melodies inspire me …

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Silk Machine

By Mark

Silk Machine are a song-writing team and production house based in Bristol with many years of experience in the music …

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By Mark

Mark is an Australian singer songwriter who started writing songs in the late 1980’s and has written/co-written over five hundred …


Rosanna Eastman

By Mark

    “Rosanna puts her soul into her songs” Chris Barnett – The Wild Christopher Show Rosanna Eastman is a …

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Di Di Somma

By Mark

Di is based in the UK and she has been writing songs and poems since she was 15 years old. She started recording her original songs …

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Tim Jones

By Mark

Tim is a songwriter based in Adelaide South Australia and has been performing music since he joined first cover band …

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By Mark

Monique Backer, aka ‘Moback’, is a Dutch songwriter who has been writing songs for quite some time.  Moback writes in …

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Steve Moyse

By Mark

Steve Moyse is a vocalist performer who has been performing live for the past 15 years around the UK, Europe …

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Gjertrud Waldron

By Mark

Gjertrud Waldron is a songwriter/topliner from Norway. Gjertrud writes pop, r&b and other genres with the emphasis on commercial radio …

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