Finally, A Publisher Who Empowers The Artist

Leopard Music have a current industry contact list in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and are building active business relationships within Asia and the Far East. Our industry contacts include artist management, producers and record labels etc who are working with recording artists.

Leopard Music offers widely respected single song music publishing agreements to composers for global exploitation. We simply choose the songs which we feel have the most commercial appeal for a worldwide audience.

Leopard Music works with every song in their catalogue and by staying in touch with their industry contact list will make sure your songs are being sent to those who are seeking songs for their recording artists.

Leopard Music have a small team of professional people who work closely with their writers and artists, the aim is to work as a team and reap the rewards that placements and synchs can bring about.

What is music publishing?

Music publishing is the acquiring and exploiting rights in music compositions which are signed under single song music publishing agreements with the composers.

Copyright conveys to writers the exclusive legal right to be compensated for the use of their song. The income generated by the use of a song is split between the songwriter and the publisher, the publisher will be responsible for the collection of the royalties on behalf of the writer and for distributing the writer’s share.

Where do the royalties come from?

Music publishers earn their revenue from licensing the right to use the songs. Every time a song is used or performed the owner of the copyright must grant permission. A licence must be issued and a payment must be made. The more a song gets performed or used the more income is generated for the publisher and the songwriter.

Mechanical Royalties

These are generated from the recording of music onto many different formats of tv and radio programmes, websites, feature films, CDs, records etc and the MCPS collects the royalties by issuing licences to music users in respect of the mechanical copyright in musical works.

Synchronization Royalties

This is the third and and fastest growing service of revenue it involves the words and music being married with visuals such as television programmes, advertisements and films.

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